Job Seekers:

Job Seekers:

We match your skills with rewarding opportunities in the Construction and Light Industrial industries across the nation.

  • We are currently present in 19 states. Additional states are being added at all times!
  • We service +3,000 job sites, placing more than 10,000 people to work annually.. and still growing! You’ll always have a job with QLM.
  • We provide Safety Training, Skill Testing and other resources to match you with the perfect job.
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Owner-Operator/Area Rep Program:

Owner-Operator/Area Rep Program:

Control Your Own Destiny.
Become an Owner/Operator (Area Rep) Today!

Quality Labor Management’s Owner Operator program is designed with the entrepreneur in mind.

The program offers individuals who desire to run their own business the opportunity to generate unlimited earnings.

Sound interesting but not sure if it’s for you?

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Staff Your Job:

Staff Your Job:

Our mission is to be a seamless extension of our clients and to provide world-class customer service.

Quality Labor Management becomes a seamless extension of your team and removes the human resource burden, allowing you to focus on the productivity and success of your business.

We are changing the way staffing works by offering total staffing solutions.

Our recruiting advantages, flexible workforce solutions, and capabilities are what make QLM the perfect partner.
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View our QLM office locations below. We staff across the nation.

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Our Specialized Staffing Industries

Quality Labor Management, LLC is a unique skilled staffing provider with extraordinary talent specializing in workforce management for a wide array of industries. We bring to the table over 100 years of combined experience and top industry leaders for staffing and recruiting.


We have supported a variety of projects including but not limited to, new construction, remodeling, and demolitions.

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QLM Energy Division is the clean energy division of Quality Labor Management, focusing on supporting the staffing needs of the renewable energy industry.

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Light Industrial

Light Industrial

At Quality Labor Management, we can assemble a productive workforce and provide skilled service for manufacturers, factories, warehouses, suppliers and more.

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We have the insurance, badging and talent to be able to staff shipyards, ship warehouses, and various other maritime positions.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

At QLM our success relies heavily on maintaining a healthy relationship, open communication and a clear vision between our field staff and back-of-house support.

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Become an Owner/Operator (Area Rep)!

Quality Labor Management’s Owner Operator program is designed with the entrepreneur in mind.

The program offers individuals who desire to run their own business the opportunity to own their territory and operate their own staffing and recruiting agency.

We alleviate the biggest intimidations of opening a new business by providing the funding, tools, and industry expertise to support the program and a successful future. We eliminate the backhouse minutia so you can focus on sales, servicing your clients, and recruiting the right team members for the job. This program is designed to give you the opportunity to generate unlimited earnings.

designed to change
the way staffing

QLM recruiters keep their finger on the pulse of who is available, allowing us to have one of the quickest response time in the industry. Clients rest assured that QLM will go the extra mile to deliver the right person for the job. We focus on delivering quality versus quantity to your workforce team.

What OurClients Say ?

“QLM and their staff recognize how important people are and they screen their men to make sure they fit the job. QLM treats their team members like the assets they are. It’s a shame that the other staffing companies don’t get it. That’s why I use QLM.”- John Lewis — General Superintendent at Polk Mechanical
“QLM is a good honest and hard working company that will do what they say they are going to do. They utilize a process to follow up with their contact person “on site” to verify that their personnel shows up on the job when and how they were supposed to. QLM understands the type of production worker/tradesman that we are looking for. The QLM team understands the difference between a helper and a journeyman and establishes the person's pay level based on the value of the individual, as opposed to trying to raise the rate of the worker so that they can charge you more. Anyway, I hope that you guys are willing to give QLM a chance to perform for you. I’m convinced that you will be glad that you did.”- Jimbo Bunnell — Vice President of Major Projects Construction at TD Industries
“We have gone exclusive with QLM in all of our offices across Texas and Oklahoma because of the service they provide. Their attention to detail, service, screening process and dedication to safety make them our choice for a staffing partner.”- Ryan Shade — Employee Development/Recruiting Manager at Prism Electric
“The QLM Team’s ability to quickly respond to our staffing needs make QLM our choice in staffing. Our type of partner required for the specialty work we do in the clean-room environments we work in making our staffing partner selection even more critical for our success. QLM has delivered for us time after time.”- Jason Morris — Production Manager, TD Technology Division




Manufactures Association of Central Florida (MACF)
I build Central Florida
Young President Organization member
independent electrical contractors
Florida Staffing Association
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC)
The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)
Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association (CFHLA)
Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

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